Buying Resale vs Presale Properties in Riviera Maya Real Estate Market

Buying resale VS presale properties in Riviera Maya

When it comes to buying properties in Riviera Maya, buyers have two options: resale or pre-construction.

Resales are properties that have already had at least one individual owner, whereas presales are offered by the developer usually before construction is completed.

While many investors opt for presale properties, there are several benefits to buying resale properties that shouldn’t be overlooked. As a local real estate agency, we specialize in finding the right property at the right price for you, whether it’s a preconstruction project or an already-built resale property.

Playa del Carmen Beachfront Condo

Buying resale means that all common areas are fully built and ready to enjoy.

Benefits of Buying Resale Properties in Riviera Maya:

  • Lower Prices: Resale properties often come at a lower price compared to pre-construction properties.
  • Use of Escrow: When buying a resale property, funds are protected through the use of escrow. You won’t have to worry about paying a developer directly who might not complete a pre-construction project.
  • Clear Understanding of What You’re Buying: When you buy a resale property, you know exactly what you’re getting – the condition, the colors, the appliances, etc.
  • Fully Furnished: Resale properties are often fully furnished, which adds more value to your investment. Buying furniture for new construction can be more expensive than anticipated.
  • Immediate Personal Use: Resale properties are ready for immediate personal use. You won’t have to wait for construction to finish as you would with pre-construction properties.
  • Established Neighborhood: With resale properties, you buy in an established neighborhood, which means you know what’s around you – streets, lights, neighborhood parks, and restaurants.
  • Shorter Timeline to Close: Resale properties offer a shorter timeline to close on the transaction. You receive the deed from the notary and get the keys right away, with no waiting time for essential items.
Riviera Maya - Buying pre construction properties

Although buying based on renders may be risky, new developments often feature bolder architectural features.

Benefits of Buying Presale Properties in Riviera Maya:

  • First Owner: You are the first owner of the unit or house.
  • Payment Plan: You can negotiate a payment plan while it is under construction, with zero interest. For example, pay a 30% down payment at signing of the contract, 60% quarterly payments until the condo is complete, and the last 10% at signing of the deed.
  • Sale Price at Today’s Dollar: You pay for the sale price at today’s dollar and pay over time, with the possibility of capital appreciation.
  • Customization: With pre-construction properties, you have the option to select colors, appliances, flooring, or negotiate upgrades before it is complete.
  • Efficient Materials: New construction has new, more efficient materials and construction methods, which cuts down on the future cost of energy used.
  • Intentional Community Amenities: Pre-construction properties come with intentional community amenities such as an office room, gym, rooftop areas, and BBQ areas.

Things to Consider:

  • Purchasing based on a floor plan and renderings: It’s important to consider how the property will look when finished.
  • Delayed parts of the building: Other parts of the building might be delayed, even though you have possession of your property.
  • Condo regime might not be ready: You might have to wait for the deed, which is usually delivered after possession.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a resale or presale property depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. As a local real estate agency, we can help you weigh your options and find the property that best fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a resale property or a pre-construction property, we can help you navigate the Riviera Maya real estate market.

Judi Shaw - Owner Broker at Living Riviera Maya Real Estate

Written by Judi Shaw

Owner/Broker at Living Riviera Maya Real Estate

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